APRIL, 25 2021

XTERRA Open Water Swimming 1k & super sprint 200m

At Vouliagmeni Beach, a well organized beach with all the relevant and necessary facilities offered to swimmers of all ages.

An Unforgettable experience for all

Those who have reached the age of 18 and have a proven (medically) good physical condition are eligible to participate. Athlets under 18 years of age must have their parent / guardian signed consent. 




- 200m starting in waves of 20 athletes (men, women and with or without wetsuit), semifinals men - women and mixed final race.


By submitting the application for registration, each athlete or their parents, through the consensus for the kids, declare responsibly that they have studied, and they are fully informed about the circumstances and requirements of this race and have undergone appropriate medical examinations. It frees organizers in advance from any responsibility for their health, accident or even death

You can download a medical certificate exemple here

Please download from here, the Parents’ written consent for children participation

Starting: 1k: Sunday 25 April 2021, 11:15
Starting 200m: Sunday 25 April 2021, 12:15

Athletes are allowed to use swim goggles or masks and wetsuits. Use of any other equipment like snorkels, fins, boards etc is prohibited

Athletes can apply sunscreen, oil, petroleum jelly, or anything else they want before starting. * For category 60+ only, a mask and a respirator will be allowed. It is compulsory to present an athlete's medical certificate or an athlete's card

Starting - Ending
The start will be given in the water (water start) for all distances. At all distances athletes will end up on the beach outside the water in a specially designed finishing arch


Electronic timing chip will be available for all distances and categories. Athletes should place the timing chip on their ankle and are obligated to return it to the organizers after they cross the finish line. The chip should not be placed underneath the wetsuit.

Medical Support: A doctor will be present during the race. Athletes participate at their own risk and are obligated to sign the application and health declaration document. Participants are advised to examine themselves prior to race.

Other useful information

Athlete’s arrival: 

Participants must be present at the Beach at least 2 hours before the scheduled starting time in order to get from the Race’s Secretariat their timing chip and their athlete’s bag with the swimming cap, t-shirt etc. The Secretariat will close strictly at 10:30 and no extension will be given.

There are toilets and changing rooms available for athletes to use before and after the race.

Storage of athlete’s equipment: 

There will be a special guarded area by volunteers, allowing athletes to leave their bags (1 / athlete), having placed on the special number that will be given along with the athlete’s pack.


After completing all distances, all categories as well as the overall category of “men and women” will be awarded

For the 1k race, the first 3 men & women of Overall category with be awarded, plus the the first 3 men & women of age groups: untill 29 years old & 30 years old and above. This will also apply for athletes wearing wetsuit that will be awarded seperately. 

For the 200m race, Για την περίπτωση των 200m, the awards will be given to the first 3 men & women regardles of age and wetsuit 

In the final race of the 10 men and 10 women (the final will take place in a mixed series), there will be 
two semifinals:men and women with the 20 best times of each gender.
Awards Ceremony
The awards ceremony takes place after the end of the races to celebrate the completion of individual or group efforts 
together, to honor all who have stood out and to gain power & energy for our next endeavor. The importance of the awards ceremony lies in the reward that the effort of all athletes deserve, the recognition of their
effort and the encouragement of all others. We owe it to our teammates as a minimum of respect and recognition,
to be present and to celebrate every small or great distinction together.

Our exhortation is .. with the same zeal that we approach in the race, to remain after its end, for the awards ceremony.
At the same time, gifts provided for winners or lucky athletes of the event are awarded during the ceremony. These ceremonies are designed with special love and care for this purpose and only there are prizes and gifts given. 
TRIMORE - XTERRA Greece - ISOMAN Hellas has no obligation beyond this ceremony to award prizes and gifts. 
Especially for gifts, which must be attributed to the awards ceremony (obligation towards sponsors).
FBe carefull: Please read carefully the Registration's Policy and what the athlete's package contains depending the date of registation. 

XTERRA Greece Championship


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