In regular Triathlon races (IRONMAN, HALF IRONMAN, Olympic Triathlon, Half Olympic Triathlon), swimming is a relatively small part of the race. In IRONMAN distance, for example, Elite athletes spend about 10% of their total time in the water, 54% on the bike and 36% on the running leg.


At the distances selected for ISOMAN, always based on the Full Distance, an attempt was made to balance the three legs (swimming, cycling, running) based on current long distance world records. In this way, an ISOMAN athlete, if he/she is good at all three sports, will excel. If he/she is good only in one or two of them, the losses he/she will have on the other two or the one with low performance will be directly proportional by 33% for each sport. The sport eventually appears to have been born to restore injustice to swimmers, who, however good they are, in the classic triathlon it is extremely difficult to keep the difference they have in swimming when they go on the bike and on the running legs that follows.

The birth of ISOMAN becomes on July 1, 2017, at Arrow Valley Park, B98 OLJ, in Great Britain.
The first ISOMAN champion was Andrew Fisher and declared after his victory: "Harder than Ironman, Fairer than Ironman".

In Greece, ISOMAN is represented by TRIMORE Multisports TOUR and for the very first time is going to be presented with the support of GERMANOS the ISOMAN presented by Germanos to be held in Kastoria, within the TRIMORE Multisports TOUR - Kastoria 2019, on 21-23 June at sprint distance!








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