0.5k O.W.S.

ows rethymno diadr 1

2.5 & 5 k O.W.S.

ows rethymno diadr 2

Start-End: Two dolphins beach
Route: swimming a rotation according to the movement of the clock markers, in a polygonal arrangement marked by buoys, in front of the beach of the statue of two dolphins, next to the parking lot at the port of Rethymnon for a distance of 500 meters, a rotation according to of clock, in a polygonal arrangement marked by buoys, in front of the beach of the statue of two dolphins, next to the parking lot at the port of Rethymnon.

For the distance of 2.5k and two turns according to the movement of the clock markers, in a polygonal arrangement marked by buoys, in front of the beach of the statue of the two dolphins, next to the parking lot at the port of Rethymnon for the distance of 5k with exit. from the water in between and running 10 meters in the sand. The finish at all distances will be by running in the sand and passing under the finish arch.

Starting Time: 11.00 π.μ. for 0.5k, 11:05 for 2.5k, and 11:06 for 5k distance

There will be water supply to hydrate swimmers at a distance of 5k when completing their first rotation in the sand.
There will be no time limit for athletes to finish (Cut Off)

Wetsuit will be allowed as long as the water temperature does not exceed 24.9 ° C. The decision will be announced the day before the race at the athletes Race Brief. Using a wetsuit or not, does not classify athletes into different categories.

For route details, see the maps, while more details of routes, terms and regulations will be given to the Race brief that will take place prior to the event and is mandatory.

Everyone participating the race will receive a rich Athletes kit from the registrations office. The opening hours of the Secretariat will be announced on the site 10 days before the event.

For last-minute registrations, athletes should be aware that the Athletes kit they receive may not contain full content, given the organizer's inability to anticipate last-minute registrations. There is no obligation of the organizer to deliver material after the race

Athletes who register and do not participate at the race are not eligible to receive the Athletes kit after the race, as it is given to athletes who actually did the race.

Help at sea

The Maritime Assistance Team is made up of Lifeguards graduates or license holders whose certificates / licenses are in duplicate held by the Race Director.

The field team of each race is commanded (receives - executes orders and reports) by a leader who is also in the field and supervises. The leader gets on board and constantly moves around the field, overseeing and confirming the smoothness of the race and coordinating his team.

The team consists of human units representing one in every 25 swimmers. The number of swimmers per human aid unit at sea may be extended if the race is conducted in a triangular or polygonal arrangement and the control distance of each unit does not exceed 120 meters on either side of its base position.

The team is required to have a contingency management plan in place, including oxygen supply and depressant application, while the ambulance is located at a point accessible by sea. The team must have a float or SUP or a special Jet Ski capable of carrying the incident.

The team should have checked the management plan at the race site and confirmed its integrity, completeness and applicability to these conditions (locations, weather conditions, other parameters, etc.).

At any time there is the possibility of verbal communication between the head of the human units by remote communication (cordless or mobile) with the Race Director and the Ambulance.

Outside the athlete's runway, inflatable boats are loaded with their operator, one or two from the sea assistance team per boat. These boats are at least 3 and run parallel to the athletic runway, sufficiently distant from them to avoid disturbing their course and to reach athletes without the need for them.

These vessels will not reach an athlete less than 10 meters (and out of the athletes' imagined runway) under no circumstances, and in case of need, the humanitarian aid unit will enter the water to reach the swimmer on request. assistance or perceive the need for intervention, always in consultation with internal emergency units.

Inside the athlete's imaginary aisle, there are human emergency units. These human units embark on an individual SUP, or Canoe, or Kayak, or Jet Ski special for incident transport. Indoor human units move in parallel to the imaginary runway of athletes, inside the imaginary line that joins the buoys that define the racing ground. The priority of intervention in any event is always the indoor human unit that is closest to the swimmers and can approach safely.


Kids Open Water Swimming 100 & 200m

Start & End: Two dolphin statue beach

Start time: 10:00 am

There will be no time limit for Cut Off. 
Explanations, details of routes, terms and regulations will be given in the Race brief which will take place before the race

The registration of children will be free until September 6, 2020. By the end of this date, registration will have a cost stated in the registration policy. The aim of the event is to register all children for free in a timely manner so as to anticipate and give them a full participation package for maximum experience!


- Α’: birth year 2008 - 2010 (3 last elementary grades)         boys-girls

- Β’: birth year 2005 - 2007 (junior High School)                  boys-girls

All children participating in the Kids open water swimming race, should have the following equipment: swimsuite, gogles and a swimming cup (inside kids kit package). Their Kids Kit package is received by the Secretariat at least one hour before the race start, according to the secretary's opening hours, as shown in the program. For last minute registrations, athletes should be aware that the Kids Kit they receive may not be complete, given the organizer's inability to anticipate last minute registrations.


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