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Kids fun bike
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On the island, wheeled vehicles (and bicycles) are prohibited and therefore the organization fully embraces the culture and traditions of the island.

This activity is mainly entertaining and aims to occupy children pleasantly and creatively, with an action of balance mainly but also of thought - intellect.

This competition is conducted with competition per year and regardless of the age of children. The only difference is that each child chooses the size of the wooden bike to use between two of her bicycles - which are available.

The goal of each child is to move between two parallel of a total distance of about 20 meters, without stepping down and without coming out of the two lines, at the slowest time.

The winner is the participant and the participant who will make the distance in the longest time and will be awarded.


Kids Running Relays

These are short-distance relay races (50-100 meters depending on the age categories), in groups of 2 children (each group).

Young athletes will take part in three age categories:

  1. Primary school (4th, 5th and 6th grade)
  2. Gymnasium
  3. Lyceum

The first athletes from each team stand behind a line formed on the floor to give the start, while the second of each team will take a seat on the same line, as soon as the start is given.

The athletes run a straight distance of 25 or 50 meters, in order to cross a second line formed on the floor and return back to hand over the baton to the second of their team, who will also run the same distance and do the same so that each of the two athletes of the team has competed twice.

The awards are by age category and: pure girls, pure boys, mixed teams.


Kids Lazer Run

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It is a new sport, an initiation into the modern pentathlon and multisports.

Young athletes will take part in three age categories:

  1. Primary school (4th, 5th and 6th grade)
  2. Gymnasium
  3. Lyceum

The event contains alternation from running to shooting on a target with a weapon (completely harmless), which should be armed by the athlete and successfully mark the target (lights a light bulb when achieved) 5 times.

The available time to achieve 5 times the goal is 50 seconds, in which if he has not managed to achieve it 5 times, he continues on the run having suffered only the delay of 50 seconds (there is no accuracy score but only time savings).

The faster the athlete is on target, the more time savings he achieves and continuing in running, he is more likely to achieve a better overall time and therefore a place.

The timing is total, from the beginning they will start running, to the end when they will also finish running. In total, there are 3 run legs (a total of 600 - 800 meters) and two on the mark with a gun for the small class, while they are 4 running legs (800 - 1,000 meters) and 3rd at the mark with the gun in the two older age categories.

The event takes place in groups of 5 athletes and based on time the final trio of the podium is determined.

The weapons are listed on a special table (one table for each weapon, in order next to each other) and each athlete chooses the table that will stand for his shots (5 successful or more if he is misplaced).

The difficulty of the sport occurs in stabilizing the weapon and targeting when the athlete has raised pulses.   Weapons are completely harmless when using them.

Judges control the process of both targeting with the gun and keeping the run route.

The awards are by age category and gender.  The sport is part of the Olympic sport: Modern Pentathlon, consisting in addition to the Lazer Run of Fencing, swimming and horseback riding!


Kids Yoga

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Combining play with exercise, the result is magical! Here there is no winner and loser! Here we all gain the joy of connecting with the team! Yoga, play and exercise for "children" of all ages by excellent yoga instructors with love for children.  (Suggested ages: 4 & older).


Night Hiking for all











 It is an recreational activity of young and old, which aims to love the island, to walk and exercise in this way but also to become a group among us.

The route to be followed is about 5 km and follows an already engraved path. It takes place at the beginning of the night to have more action and interest.

The participants will be divided into two groups according to their own statement, so that the quick group will be preceded by the one with the most relaxed.


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