Event Date XTERRA GREECE 2025


Who can take part in XTERRA Greece?

XTERRA is for all!

Of course in the race will be top Professional and amateur athletes from all over the world, but that does not mean that the race is only for good athletes. Anyone with a relatively good physical condition can participate, experience a unique race, enjoy participation, set new goals. A Medical certificate is prerequisite and you can register by filling the special form, where one can also find the terms and conditions.

Also don’t forget that you can participate as a Team Relay with friends, group of people, and teams of 2-3 people. Each athlete will participate in one or in two sports.

What are the distances of XTERRA Full distance?

The XTERRA Greece Championship distances are 1,5km swim (2 loops of 750m), 30km mountain bike (2 loops of 15km) followed by 10km trail run (two loops of 5km). Athletes must present valid medical certificate not older than 1 year in order to participate in the race. The same distances also apply for Full Distance Reay Teams. To see the maps, profiles etc, please visit the course section.

What are the distances of XTERRA Sprint distance?

Athletes with less experience, fitness level or those new to the sport, can participate at the XTERRA Sprint distance race. The distances are 750m swim, 15km mountain bike followed by 5km trail run. Athletes have also the possibility to participate as team relay (for friends and families) or as Corporate Challenge team (for corporations). Athletes must present valid medical certificate not older than 1 year to participate in the race. To see the maps, profiles etc, please visit the course section.

Can we participate as a Team Relay?

Yes, a team of 2-3 athletes can participate as a Team Relay both in Sprint and Full Distance of XTERRA Greece Championship.

Follow the registration process and add the name of the team or corporation at the specific field.

Does the race offer Qualifying Slots for the World Championship?

XTERRA GREECE will award qualifying slots for the World Championship final in Maui, Hawaii. The slots will be assigned according to the age group divisions as described in the Prize/Hawaii Slots section. For more info visit the Qualifying Slots page.

What does the entry fee include?

It depends on the date of registration, please advise the Registration section of the website.

What is the cost of the entry fee?

Entry fee information are available at the registration section of the website.

What is the Cancellation policy?

Cancellation is possible 2 months prior to the race. In case of mass cancellation due to extraneous factors, irrelevant to the event (eg pandemia), the organizer takes a general management decision and informs the participants accordingly.

Wouldn't it be better if the awards ceremony took place upon completion of the race on Saturday?

In order to honor even more the athletes who gave their best in their effort and completed a great distance the first from the last (3 hours difference first and last finish), to give them time to rest and enjoy the award ceremony as a special event, we chose.. on Saturday night to hold the awards ceremony event, as a small celebration and if the weather helps us... this celebration to continue.


Where will we find our photos from the event?

In each of our events, the photography team captures and creates photographic impressions of the moments / experiences of the event. We post a part of them in full analysis in our site  in the place of the multimedia material, while some others are posted on the  partner's site for sale for a small cost.  

I am a beginner in off road  triathlon and I need more information and help. How could I be more informed and have the opportunity to get to know  XTERRA  Off  Road Triathlon better?

The XTERRA  Greece  Off  Road  Triathlon is a race for everyone. As long as we need  elite/pro  athletes at the start, the more we need the new blood that will give another air to the race. That is why:

We have integrated the relay races so that you can take part with another teammate(s) as a team, doing one or two sports out of three, but living the experience from within and overcoming fears. Maybe next year you try it all on your own.

We have integrated the Cross Aquathlon, so you can try the combination of swimming and mountain running, without the bike that may scare you, but living with others the unique experience. Maybe next year you try it in its entirety as well.

We schedule and carry out training sessions of the two sports on the mountain (running and cycling), on the racetrack, so that you can try and get to know the level of difficulty and train on the court of the race.

We provide all the information on our site (terrain, maps, altitude, details, etc.), but also in the Race  Brief that we send electronically and carry out (if conditions allow) face-to-face before the race, while at the same time we are available to provide any information by phone or e-mail

We designed an additional service so that by stating that for the first time you will try it during your registration, we can contact you separately. Don't hesitate to take advantage of it.

How this route of running and cycling on the mountain was chosen? I feel it could have been another or had avoided some difficulties.

Certainly the bike and running route could have had many versions/variations. Perhaps even some of them have not really been those versions that we have considered and may be better. We work hard to offer a safe, adventurous, beautiful and fun race. We need difficulty as a parameter of the struggle, but not so much that some people cannot. So much so that the very strong off-road  athletes can show their ability and the beginners not to be in danger. The two laps both on the bike and in the running of the long distance are imposed by the needs of safe management of the race and its development in volunteers, rescuers,  logistics  and are not laziness of the organizer.

The routes followed and the overall track that has been selected, is checked and certified by the technical agents of XTERRA  Planet in order to meet the specifications of all parameters. In fact, it is one of the best in the world (as confirmed by many foreign athletes). We will never stop seeking improvement,  so do not hesitate to send us your suggestions.

Couldn't the starts have had a greater time distance between them so as not to confuse the athletes who go with those who turn?

Everything could be done if the times were ample and the resources unlimited. The main restriction is the curfew at sea and on land, which could not be longer, so as not to abuse the concession of the authorities of the area and the patience of the residents and passers-by. The organizer makes sure to create the conditions so that the race is done safely and informs the athletes before they start about the additional attention they need to give to parameters such as double movement of athletes

We see a lot of rubbish on the way. Couldn't you take care of that more?

Of course we could and every time we will try harder. Everything that we create (route markings, bottles and gel packages thrown by athletes) is always our immediate concern to be restored immediately upon completion of the race. We always take care of the general cleanliness of the areas we operate in before and after the event. We could do better and we will try even more. We all owe it to the environment that hosts us.

Are there any other XTERRA events in Greece?
Apart from XTERRA Greece Championship, XTERRA Greece’s team successfully organizes additional events with individual sports in various regions of the country.

Our events such as offshore swimming, trail run, and mountain bike have garnered more than 2500 entries, have been established and have left the best impression on athletes and spectators.

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