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Qualification slots for the World Championship 


XTERRA Greece has a special category of athletes ..the ELITE / PRO Athletes. These athletes meet some of the requirements set by XTERRA Planet and fall into this special category, competing separately in the same race (starting 1 minute before other athletes) and claiming money prizes and other gifts. At the same time, the first athletes of all age categories of Full Distance race, are winning a Qualifying Slot for the XTERRA World Championship held in in Maui, Hawaii. 

According to the XTERRA European Tour regulations and the Euro / USD Exchange Rate, the prizes in Euro for men and women in the ELITE / PRO category will be distributed as follows:


XTERRA Greece Prize Money (SILVER XTERRA Partner 7.500,-)


Place  Prize
 1  €1200,-
 2  €900,-
 3  €700,-
 4 €550,-
 5  €400,-

What is the process of allocating qualifying places by age category?

- The places are determined prior to the start of the race, based on the registration. At least one place will qualify for each age category for both men and women. The table below lists the official breakdown for each age category.

- The final distribution of the qualifying places will represent the actual number of athletes who will start the race in each age group. For example, if 8% of the athletes who start the race belong to the Men 40-44 age group, then 8% of the qualifying places will be allocated to the Men 40-44 category (at least one seat per category applies).

What is rolldown and how does it work?

- If an athlete chooses not to qualify, not attend the rolldown ceremony or has already been qualified from another XTERRA event, the place will pass on to the next athlete of the same age group.

- after rolling down, the remaining tickets available within one age group will be available in another age group based on the gender of the athletes and the proportion of athletes / qualifying places.

Age Group Male Female
15-19 1 1
20-24 1 1
25-29 1 1
30-34 1 1
35-39 1 1
40-44 1 1
45-49 1 1
50-54 1 1
55-59 1 1
60-64 1 1
65-69 1 1
70-74 1 1

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